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100ml Bottle

100ml Bottle

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All of our bottles of perfume fall under the strength of Eau de Toilette.

Cologne, Eau de Toilette and eau de Parfum are categorised by their percentage of fragrance oil to perfumers alcohol, however because there are varying grades of fragrance oil, not all Eau de Toilettes are equal. But the rules are the rules.

Our Eau de Toilettes are strong, stronger in fact than some Eau de Parfum from other suppliers. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest grade 100% pure oils, not diluted or cut in any way and they are sourced worldwide.

All of our bottles are fitted with a pump action spray.

Whilst our perfumes are designer inspired we are not part of any of the major brands they are inspired by and we do not pretend to be. These are close as you'll get to the real thing without shelling out hundreds on them.

Our perfumes fall under our brand named SELBI (smalles exactly like but isn't)

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