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About Us

Cameron York Candles was born out of a need to raise funds for Cameron York to participate in a World Challenge to South India in 2018. Together with Cameron, the family raised the monies needed to send him off to India South with his school colleagues.

Months and months of testing and research led us to creating products that are of the highest quality produced from the very best of ingredients. Natural waxes, essential oils and the finest fragrance oils available on the market.

All of our candles are hand poured in Newcastle upon Tyne and are cured for a minimum of two weeks before they leave us. Further information regarding our production for our different products can be found on the different pages in this site.

Our wax melts are some of the best in the UK, made from pure soy wax and lasting a minimum of seven days each.

If you have any enquiries or requests please use the Contacts page.